5 Planning Tips for Your Future Events in Brisbane

Event planning is stressful at the best of times. When it comes to ensuring that your night is an unforgettable experience, it’s attention to design that makes the most significant difference. Many event managers fall into the trap of being overly efficient with their budget without thinking about the experiences of their attendees. In this article, we’re going to outline a few tips and tricks you can implement to ensure that your upcoming events in Brisbane are an unforgettable experience. 

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1. Establish a Clear Budget

When designing an event it’s important to remember that functionality comes first. It’s easy to get carried away with intricate details without realising that you’re costing yourself a fortune. Although it pays to be determined, being overly ambitious can be counteractive. By being conservative with your budgeting, you’ll have more room in the tank for last minute superfluous details. By starting early and setting up the necessary templates for your master budget, you’ll be able to outline exactly how much you have to spend and in which areas you can allocate your budget. 

2. Don’t Overlook Food & Beverages

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on your budget, don’t choose to sacrifice your food and beverage packaging. A common mistake event managers make is sacrificing their food and beverage packages for a little extra money to spend elsewhere. Catering is a substantial part of any event in ensuring your guests are entertained. Hence, hiring a catering company that you’re sure will do a good job is a worthwhile investment. If you happen to be searching for finger food catering Brisbane, Dalton Catering are developing a fantastic reputation for ornate catering services. When you get in contact with their team, they’ll be able to run you through their packages to help you determine which will be the most suitable for your event. 

3. Spend Time Finding the Right Venue

Don’t just settle for the first venue that catches your eye. The first thing you need to keep in mind when finding a venue for your event is your budget. You need to have a crystal clear figure in your head that you aren’t willing to exceed, no matter how stunning the venue is. If you find a venue that is too expensive for your budget, but perfect for your event, you may be able to negotiate their proposed price down to suit your budget. 

Some other things you may need to keep in mind could be whether or not catering services are included in their proposed pricing. Although their proposed price may be expensive, if they offer all-in-one catering packages, you could save your team a fortune in money and time spent planning. 

4. Assign Responsibilities

As an event manager, it can be tempting to try to micromanage every detail. The problem with this, however, is that it not only makes your own job more difficult but breathing down the neck of your employees makes them feel less encouraged to work for you. By assigning responsibilities, pressure is distributed equally, leading to a more functional team. The following video by Project Management Videos outlines a few of the ways key factors in effective project management.

One way of reducing the amount of stress you have to deal with is by purchasing in-house catering, design and entertainment packages at the venue you hire. When you do this, the pressure is now on the venue to get the job done. Of course, this may be more expensive. However, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing they will get the job done seamlessly, because it’s their own venue. 

5. Establish an Online Presence Early

If you haven’t got a digital presence cemented in your publicity plan, you’re already falling behind your competition. If you want to get people talking about your event, establishing an online presence is fundamental in our modern age. A few things you might want to consider designing a website or social media account that outlines the details of your event. When you’re getting a webpage or social media account created, it’s important to have a team of advertisers and copywriters that will best represent your brand. Call around between your local web design agencies to find the right fit for your event. 

Where Can I Go For More Information? 

If you didn’t find what you were looking for in this article, our best advice would be to call your local ball venues directly to ask for advice. Of course, it’s in their best interest to attract clients that host events suited for their venue. If they aren’t the right fit for you, or don’t find within your budget, they’re likely to administer some free advice on where you can go from there. By calling around between venues you can gage a typical pricing range for your area. Venues typically offer a free inspection as well, so you can get a feel for whether or not it’s the appropriate style for your upcoming event.